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The “Second Screen” of Television

January 13, 2012

There are several firms banking on the idea that one of the next biggest revolutions in media will be the “second screen” of television.  In other words, while you’re watching tv, you’ll want another screen that adds to the experience in some way.  Maybe when a song plays on Glee the second screen will tell you what it is and give you the option to buy it on iTunes.  Maybe you’ll want to be able to watch the latest episode of Grimm while in a chat room with your friends discussing it.  Social television.

Who do I think is best set up to serve this industry trend?  I’m betting on after trying out their product (check it out, pretty fun stuff!).   The iPad app is especially cool – I can’t really imagine using my computer as my “second screen” and probably not my laptop, but I kind of like the idea of using my iPad as a second screen while watching tv.  And I’m not even a reality tv guy – I can only imagine social television is even more interesting if you’re into The Biggest Loser or The Bachelor.  I need a macro that simply pastes “Oh no she didn’t!” into the chat room.  🙂

But Myspace is setting up Myspace TV and they’ve got Justin Timberlake behind the effort.  It would be nice to see them have some success in what has otherwise been a horrific decade for them.  😉  Myspace already has a nice network in place… a network of defunct myspace graves accounts.  If they can get people logging in again with Myspace TV, that network might be of value again.


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