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A Brief Run-down of SOPA

December 24, 2011

For such a controversial and potentially transformative piece of legislation, it feels to me like citizens are largely uninformed as to the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA).  Here’s a piece in the Huffington Post by Alexander Howard.  He gives a basic synopsis of what’s going on with the bill, along with links to descriptions of the potential law and arguments in favor of, and against, the bill.  A nice read.


I’d personally like to point out that in my research, I place a strong emphasis on the distinction between demand-side anti-piracy laws (such as HADOPI in France) that attempt to influence consumers of illegal content, and supply-side anti-piracy laws (such as SOPA) that attempt to influence the providers of illegal content.  These two sorts of laws are quite different in their ramifications and may also be different in their effectiveness.


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